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News | 06/10/2020, 03:20 AM

Why should we use the import/export entrustment ? that is the question  we often hear; That is the problem of many people and businesses when they are not eligible for do the import and export of business items.

Import and export entrustment is a necessary operation when a shipper wants to import and export cargo to/from Vietnam, but does not do it himself, but entrust it through a service company to perform the import and export.

Lien Minh, having many years of experience in handling import-export trade with a team of highly qualified staff will help customers' export and import activities with the lowest cost.

Below are the steps taken for entrusted import through an import-export service :

1. Check whether the cargo are subject to import ban or import suspension.

2. Whether the cargo is required to apply for a license or not. If so, the authorizing company or authorized company must apply for the license. This should be arranged as soon as possible prior to the cargo arrival in port.

3. On having the documents for import cargo, the entrusted party shall carry out the import customs procedures according to the current regulations.

Note: For the entrusted import declaration: on the customs declaration, entrusted party will be named as “entrusted importer” under the  name of " actual importer"

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