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How To | 06/10/2020, 03:26 AM

With availability of a global agent network, Lien Minh can offer sea transportation services (FCL, LCL) at most competitive prices and the best service.

As customer of Lien Minh, you will be assured of our service quality as well as the safety of your cargo. Commitment of a safe cargo transportation is always our top priority (no occurrence of loss)

Lien Minh can meet all your shipping requirement. We can offer our customers a wide range of services. Our global network enables us to provide you a complete solution for transportation and distribution worldwide. Options for direct shipping or transshipment are always available.

Basically, imported-exported cargo procedures by sea includes the following services:

 -Receiving cargo, packing and packaging service

- Shipment of LCF/FCL and all types of cargo allowed to import and export as listed

- Door to door services

- Customs clearance for cargo at the port and inland transport service

- Handling of project cargo service

- Handling of worldwide shipping service.

- Handling of  general and perishable cargo service

- Contractor's services for transporting CFS and dangerous cargo service

- Entrusted Letter of credit service

- Short term and long term storage.

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